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Project Girasole

Specialists for Africa and other developing countries (PVS)
The educational project ‘Girasole’ arose, at the initiative of ‘Medici in Africa’, from a meeting (the 24 of September 2012) between different health-care organizations, active in Africa. The associations, present at this first meeting, and the promoters of the project, were: Medici in Africa (Genoa), G.O.A. – Orthopaedics for Africa (Genoa), Smile Train (Rome), Surgery for Children (Vicenza), Patologists Across Borders (Pavia), Parini Hospital of Aosta.

The project foresees the sending of highly specialized doctors, who, on brief missions, will demonstrate in practical ways to local colleagues (training on the job) those modern diagnostical and therapeutical techniques which correspond the most with the territorial needs.

Furthermore the project foresees, when a real operational authonomy is first achieved in the local health care teams, that such techniques be widespread through a top-down process involving other health workers being active at local hospitals appropriate for this purpose, that is to say equipped and with a health personnel well-experienced within the field of this educational series.

The support will be addressed also towards the education of the nursery personnel.

The missions will be deliverable to any african country in which there exists a hospital framework, willing to and able to benefit herefrom.

In a primary phase the focus will be on the techniques of diagnostical endoscopy and on the techniques of rianimation.